Physical Education

For both 6G and 6H, you will need your PE kit in school every Wednesday and Thursday. It's worth simply bringing it in on Monday and leaving it in school until you're done with it on Thursday evening. 

Wednesday = Dance/Gymnastics (white t-shirt, black shorts/leggings)

Thursday = Outdoor games (as it's now autumn, you must ensure you kit is appropriate for the cooler and wetter weather).

You must bring the correct PE kit into school and we advise all kit is taken home and washed over the weekend so it is ready each time for a new week in school.

The outdoor games focus for this half term will be rugby. In this unit, you will learn what is going on with that funny egg-shaped ball, experience picking a ball up and running with it (feels strange when you're used to football and basketball!) and work as a team to run in as many tries as possible! 

In our Dance lessons we will be focusing on the 'Haka' - a traditional dance/performance originating from the indigenous people of Australasia and has strong cultural links to New Zealand and other pacific islands.