Design & Technology


Subject leader: Mrs F Noor

“Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions.”

– John Maeda


What we believe:

At St Luke’s we endeavour to teach our children to become creative and innovative thinkers.  With an ever changing world, we aim to provide our pupils with the skills needed to create, design and build a variety of technology based products.  Our curriculum is based upon the New Curriculum targets and skills, in conjunction with original QCA documentation. Our Design and Technology leader has developed a structured progression of skills document which shows the development of DT skills from EYFS to year 6.

Throughout the school pupils are taught the skills to safely use a range of materials and equipment, including ICT based software and food. In Early years the focus is on exploring the world around them and developing the gross and fine motor skills they need to successfully approach the Key Stage 1 curriculum.  Within Key stage 1 and 2, pupils follow a structured progression of skills focusing on food, materials, textiles, electrical and electronics, construction, mechanics and computing. Many units are designed to reflect the themes being taught within year groups and children are encouraged to make suggestions, evaluate and improve their designs during all parts of the process. 


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