Personal Development: Curricular Provision


At St Luke's, we want all of our children, irrespective of need or disadvantage, to achieve and succeed. Some additional curricular support that we provide includes:

-EAL support for International New Arrivals and pupils with English as an additional language. This is provided for by our EAL team: Mrs Roberts, Mrs Elferjani and Mr Ivo.

-Booster lessons for Year 2 and Year 6 from January to May. These are extra sessions run by class teachers after the school day has ended, twice weekly for all pupils to ensure all children achieve to their maximum potential. 

-SEN support is provided. Pupils with EHC plans have one to one support for part or all of their school day (depending on their level of need). SEND pupils without EHC plans have Individual Educational Plans which set specific, achievable targets designed to focus on areas of need and enable pupils to achieve maximum progress. These pupils' needs are met by:

a) quality first teaching in the classroom

b) classroom teaching assistants

c) the SEN teaching team

-World Book Day forms a key part of our school year, and we link it to PD and Wellbeing each year.

-Year 6 children all take part in Debate Mate (most schools run Debate Mate as an optional club). This provides children with a fantastic opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and to learn how to argue their points respectfully and persuasively. Fantastically, we have now finished in the national top ten in the Urban Debate League 3 times (2019, 2022 and 2023) taking a team to London to compete in the National Finals each time. We also finished as Runners Up in the Manchester Cup competition two years in a row (2022 and 2023).