Admissions to our Nursery

We aim to provide full time nursery places for children who are aged three from 1st September to 31st August of the previous academic year.  Children cannot be admitted into our Nursery until they are aged three. We aim to have all our children admitted to Nursery by the end of September.

Sometimes younger children may have to wait until January for a place.  Very occasionally older children, those born between September and December, can be offered a place at nursery a term before they are due to start and therefore complete four terms in Nursery.

Parents and Carers should contact the school office if they wish to place their child’s name on our Nursery waiting list.  Admission to Nursery is based on age.

Putting your child’s name on the waiting list earlier does not mean they will get into the Nursery earlier.  Children’s names need to be on the Nursery waiting list by the end of the Easter holidays, the term before they are due to start in Nursery.  Parents and Carers will be notified of a place by the end of June.

Once accepted for our Nursery a home school transition programme will be organised for your child. This is run by the Nursery team.

Admissions for Reception- Year 6 places are managed by the Admissions Team at Manchester Local Authority.

Admissions for Reception Aged Children

If you would like your child to start in September 2024 into their first year at School (Reception) please click HERE.

The deadline for on-time applications for September 2024 is Monday 15th January 2024.

Offers of places will be sent to those who applied on-time on National Offer Day - 16th April 2024.

Guidance notes on how to apply can be found HERE.


Admissions for Year 1 to Year 6 Children

If you would like your child to start between now and July 2024 please click HERE to apply.

Alternatively, email


Admission Criteria

We follow the Manchester City Council's admission rules for primary schools.

If a school has more applications than places, we put children into one of the categories below. Places go to any ‘category 1’ applicants first, then to category 2 applicants, then category 3 and so on until there are no places left. 

If there are more applications than places at a school, we use the distance from the school in each category to decide.

The categories are:

  • Category 1 - Children who are, or who have been, looked after by a council.
  • Category 2 - Children with exceptional medical or social needs, or a disabled parent.
  • Category 3 - Children with a brother or sister at the school.
  • Category 4 - All other children, with those living closest getting priority.

For much information, please click HERE.


If your child is not allocated a place at St Luke's C.E. Primary School, you can appeal to the independent education appeal panel.  For more information about appealing a decision please click HERE.