In phonics, alongside continuing to develop our phase 1 phonics, we will be beginning to learn some sounds in phase 2 and 3.

We will learn how to blend, read and segment which will help spell simple words using the phase 2 sounds.

The sounds we will be focusing on in Phase 2  are; s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll and ss.

In the first few weeks we will send children home with a library book. This book is to be enjoyed at home – the children are not expected to read the words, but they can practice telling the story using the pictures in the book this will help with their inference skills. The children will be able to change this book weekly.

When the children are ready, we will begin to send home words including the sounds that your child has been learning in school and reading books. If your child loses or destroys a reading book there is a penalty fine.

Here are some useful websites: