We’ll be starting off the first term with a strong focus on place value, written arithmetic, and word problems. Number work is, of course, the most important aspect of mathematics and the foundation that the pupils’ understanding of most other units will rest upon, so we want to make sure that all pupils are as confident with it as possible before moving on to other areas. It will also receive a lot of further coverage throughout the year. We’ll begin by recapping and building on the children’s knowledge of place value columns and how manipulate numbers within them, before moving onto the Year 4 written addition and subtraction methods. Please ensure that when children are working from home, they continue to use the written methods taught in school - set out in the same way they’ve learnt in class - as learning multiple techniques simultaneously can lead to confusion.

Login details for Times Table Rockstars will be given out at the start of the year and it’s extremely important that all children practise their multiplication skills on this site every day for at least 10 minutes. Each child will have their TTRS account tuned to their current ability level, helping them progress in the areas they need to and at a speed they’re capable of.