This term, we’re going to be enjoying learning about 'Labels, Lists and Captions'  through a mixture of Continuous Provision and Directed Tasks which will help children understand different structures of writing. Later on throughout the term we will focus on  'Instructions'. where children will be learning the importance of instructions to direct them in making tasks. We will be using different types of texts, such as fiction books and recipe books.

Additionally, we will introduce 'poetry'  through our Guided Reading sessions to help with inferencing and comprehension. This will be with a particular focus on the book 'A first poetry book' which will allow for a range of poems for all children to adapt to their reading ability to be challenged.

Our main focus will be Phonics which children have been doing twice daily, where children have been put into their targeted groups. This is due to the Y1 Phonics Screening Test which is at the end of Y1. Parents are reminded to practice at home with their decodable phonics reading book to encourage the sounds being taught at school. Additionally, Mrs Chohan is offering a Parents' Phonics Class EVERY Thursday from 9am - 11am for those parents wishing to better their Phonics knowledge.

This year, one of our main priorities is reading. Our Class Reads take place at the end of the school day and will be from a variety of authors.