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Recycling at St Luke's

Here at St Luke's, we are making a concerted effort to become a 'greener' school and do what we can to reduce the amount of material waste we are producing.  We realise that 'plastic' waste especially is having a huge negative impact on the environment, so we are determined to do 'our bit' to help the planet - for the benefit of our lives now and for all future generations.

As a result, all pupils and staff now have access to new 'recycling bins' throughout the school to help recycle waste materials such as paper, crisp packets, pens, plastic bottle tops, cartons, bottles and cans.

All KS1 and KS2 pupils listened to an assembly delivered by Mr Addison about the importance of recycling and protecting the environment.

Pupils got to use the new recycling bins on display and disposed of waste materials in a more considered way.


Instead of going to 'landfill', used crisp packets will now be saved, collected and sent to 'Terracycle' for recycling.


Image result for lush cosmetics

All the bottle tops we collect will be delivered to 'Lush Cosmetics' in Manchester, who then recycle them and use the plastic to create other products and new packaging. 


The pupils at St Luke's have responded excellently to our new 'responsible' methods of waste disposal.

New recycling bins are now in use within the KS2 canteen hall for the children to use at break and lunchtime. 

Some pupils have even brought in materials from home to be recycled!

Pen recycling boxes are also being introduced throughout the school as once again they can be recycled through the help of Terracycle.

Year 6 'Eco Council' member shows off their new recycling box.


The St Luke's staff are also improving their recycling and new bins have appeared in the staff-room as well.

Paper recycling bins are now for use next to our two printer/copiers in school for any unwanted, non-confidential waste paper.  This is collected weekly by 'Fresh' waste management as part of their 'dry' recycling scheme.

With the help of the St Luke's Eco Council, all these bins will be emptied on a weekly basis so they can be used continually throughout the year.  Well done to everyone (pupils and staff) who have contributed so far to help St Luke's become a 'greener' school; this is the start of a new and exciting 'recycling' journey.  Please keep logging on for more news about recycling at St Luke's.


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