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School Council

School Council

Mrs Mahmood and Mr Addison  welcome you to The Student Council Page :)

What?          Why?          How?          When?


What is the School Council?

An inclusive, structured forum for discussion and decision-making.

A means for children to raise issues and concerns.

A means to consult all pupils/parents.


Why have a School Council?

To help children develop responsible attitudes.

To improve behaviour.

To create a feeling of belonging, encourage listening to others and develop self confidence.

To improve pupil/teacher relationships to actively take part in events including charity events, fundraising and helping the individuals in the local community.


How does the School Council work?

Conventional committee procedures are used.

Class representatives bring issues to the School Council.

Mrs Mahmood and Mr. Addison discuss issues raised.


How can I raise an issue?

Tell your class representative - all your points and they will be raised at the next meeting.  You could write it down and give it to any member of the Student Council/Eco Team.


How do I find out what happened?

Class representatives will feed back to their class as soon as possible the following week.  A handout with all the issues raised will be given to the Student Council members.


When does the School Council take place?

Usually fortnightly at 2.00pm for 30 minutes. (Days will vary) To be rotated with School Council team and Eco Team fortnightly.

Who are our new Sept 2021- July 2022 Student Council (SC) and Eco Council (E) members??


3D Mamadou (SC) and Rako (E) 

3G  Romaine (SC) and Fatma (E)

4JM   Nufail (SC) and Ayah (E)

4W  Siyara (SC) and Ishaq (E)

5H  Amna  (SC) and Youssef (E)

5F  Mahia (SC) and Jessica (E)

6G  Esha (SC) and Harliee (E)

6H Manahil (SC) and Hadiya (E)



Items on the Agenda: 

Halloween Disco posters for Monday 1st November 2021

McMillian Coffee morning to be organised and posters to be made

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