St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

'For with God nothing shall be impossible' Luke 1:37

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St Luke’s Equality Objectives:

  • To close the gap between boys and girls in EYFS and Key Stage 1 in a) Writing in order to improve outcomes for boys; b) Mathematics in order to improve outcomes for girls (KS1 and 2).

  • To improve morning punctuality across whole school and for pupils who are persistently late as it impacts on a) learning, b) curriculum coverage and c) development of important life skills essential for later life.

  • To ensure that pupils have opportunities to develop healthy lifestyles in terms of exercise and food choices in order to reduce the percentage of pupils who are and are at risk of becoming overweight.

How we have developed our objectives:-

  • Our objectives are based on consultation we have conducted with staff, children, governors and parents and carers and evidence we have collected and published,
  • Our objectives are specific and measurable – they meet the school’s needs and are achievable,
  • The objectives are integrated into our school improvement plan,
  • We will publish our objectives on the school website,
  • We will report annually to the governing body on progress towards achieving our objectives.
  • In the future, evidence will be published on the school website of the steps being taken and the progress towards meeting these objectives,
  • Evidence of steps taken and progress made towards meeting past objectives will also be published,
  • Our objectives will be reviewed annually and will be updated at least every four years.

The school has in place an Equalities Working Group.  The membership is as follows:


Role in School

Responsibility within the Working Group


SLT (EYFS Coordinator)

Staff Governor Rep

· To report to Governors on the groups findings

· To provide and analyse EYFS data


Class teacher

· Pupil voice

· Feedback to staff

· Teacher input


Class teacher

· Liaise with assessment coordinator

· Feedback in phase groups

· Take minutes


TA Manager

· Parent voice

· Liaise and discuss key issues with parents


ICT Administrator

· Managing website and ensuring all information is regularly updated.

The Working Group will in conjunction with the SMT and Governors identify the key priorities relating to equality for each academic year. They will report to the SMT and Governors.

They will meet monthly to review progress of priorities against success criteria set and evaluate the strategies employed to address the priorities identified.

The minutes of each meeting including progress of targets and evaluation of strategies will be published on the Equality webpage.

On 02/05/2017, we had a whole staff INSET on Equality.  Please Click HERE for the handout.





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