St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

'For with God nothing shall be impossible' Luke 1:37

Langport Avenue, Longsight, Manchester, M12 4NG

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At St Luke’s C.E. Primary School, we are committed to ensuring the well-being of all its pupils so that they are healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit. However it has been well documented that when children are worried and anxious this can become a barrier to learning. Therefore, we encourage children to talk about any worries, develop resilience in dealing with problems, nurture, self-esteem and relationships. We offer children several opportunities to do this throughout our school within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities. At St Luke’s we ensure an open door policy where children can be heard and feel safe in discussing any worries they may have. We have also introduced an away with your worries box in KS1 and KS2. Through the effective delivery of P.S.H.E we can contribute to the obesity, bullying and health inequalities that occur as well as improving the lifestyle choices that children and young people make while supporting students in an environment that promotes good mental health.

Together our aims for PSHE are to enable students to:

  • Explore attitudes and values in a safe and supportive environment
  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding to empower them to make healthy and safe lifestyle choices
  • Develop positive relationships and respect the difference and diversity in people

Year 1:                                                                             

  • Working well together
  • Other people are special too
  • Caring for myself
  • Caring for others
  • Keeping safe
  • Looking forward.

Year 2:

  • Who is in charge?
  • Celebrating and recognising differences
  • My body is important
  • Changing friendships
  • Taking charge
  • Looking forward.

 Year 3:

  • Settling in
  • Focus on feelings
  • Making friends
  • Keeping safe in school
  • In someone else’s shoes
  • People and their work.

 Year 4:

  • Feeling good
  • Keeping healthy
  • Changes in families
  • Ups and downs in relationships
  • Keeping safe outside school
  • Looking ahead.

Year 5:

  • Who decides
  • Risks and pressures
  • We are all different
  • It’s my body
  • Being involved in my community
  • Looking at the world.

Year 6:

  • Managing conflict
  • The world of work
  • Taking responsibility for my own safety
  • Changing relationships
  • Rights, responsibilities and the law
  • Transition and managing change.


PSHE curriculum including SRE:

PSHE Year 1

PSHE Year 2

PSHE Year 3

PSHE Year 4

PSHE Year 5

PSHE Year 6

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