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Art & Design


Art at St. Luke’s

At St Luke’s, we ensure that all children: enjoy a broad and balanced, enriching art curriculum; learn to communicate their ideas through their artwork; have opportunities to learn about art from different times and cultures; have equal access to the subject regardless of gender, race or disability, become proficient in various 2D and 3D media; learn to analyse creative work using the language of art; and study great artists.

We use a specially designed syllabus which takes into account not only National Curriculum aims and objectives, but focuses on different influential artists each year. The children learn about the style they are renowned for as well as techniques in different media which they can use to emulate it.

Artists covered are:

Year 1 – William Morris

Year 2 – Mondrian

Year 3 – Van Gogh

Year 4 – Picasso

Year 5 – Dali

Year 6 – Escher

Art from different cultures and work from leading female artists is also looked at in detail. And key skills such as sketching and knowledge of colour theory and perspective are introduced as the children’s understanding develops.

How Can You Help Your child?

We always appreciate parental support. If you would like to help your child get the most from the art curriculum, you can assist them in researching the artists they are studying, or take them to any of Manchester’s art galleries to build up their background knowledge.

Art & Design Policy

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