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Year 3

3G - Mr Gavagan

3W - Miss Wild

Mrs Chowdhury

The Year 3 Curriculum is attached below with our Curriculum Maps to help you navigate through the Summer Term along with our Long Term Plan which will help you see what your children will be learning throughout the year.

Remember, at any point where you need any guidance from either Miss Doherty or Mr Gavagan please message via the online platform of Class Dojo or ring the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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This term, we’re going to be enjoying researching newspaper articles in our 'Chronological Reports' topic. We will be using real newspapers with current events as our main focus.


Additionally, we continue to be studying 'stories from the same author' through our Guided Reading sessions to help with inferencing and comprehension. This will be with a particular focus on the text 'The BFG'.


This year, one of our main priorities is reading. Our Class Reads take place at the end of the school day and will be from a variety of authors and this term will focus on Roald Dahl.

 Year 3 will start the term with a new topic: Length and Perimeter. We will be investigating the relationship between millimetres, centimetres and metres. This will naturally lead us to our final step of calculating the perimeter of 2D shapes.

Our next topic in the Spring term will be Fractions where we will begin our journey into numerators and denominators. We will be looking into fractions in more depth in the Summer term.

And finally, this term we will be studying Mass and Capacity. This topic will focus on measuring and calculating grams, kilograms, millilitres and litres.

These areas are, of course, essential to the pupils’ understanding of many other units of work. A key focus is going to be mathematical fluency in these skills. The class will have an allocated time of 20 minutes per day.


Children will have a weekly lesson targeting their reasoning skills. Reasoning in Numeracy is the "process of applying logical and critical thinking to a mathematical problem in order to work out the correct strategy to use (and as importantly, not to use) in reaching a solution".


Additionally, children will learn skills to develop their knowledge on money, statistics, fractions and measurement. This will be through lots of hands on problem solving and critical thinking. Children will be given resources to access and scaffold their learning.


It is important for your child to continue practicing their times tables daily at home using the learning platform Times Table Rockstars, which will help them understand their tables through multiplying and dividing. Please encourage children to engage daily for around 10 minutes.

In our Science unit the children will be learning about Animals Including Humans. Asking the big question, ‘What makes our bodies healthy?’ We will begin by studying food types and what nutrients they contain. This will naturally lead us to looking at human bodies and their differences and similarities to other animals.

This term, the children will continue to learn about coding, they’ll learn to write simple programs to make objects on a screen obey their commands. The main focus for their studies will be focused around spreadsheets and data analysis.

This will be done through the Purple Mash learning platform, which your child can access outside of school on most devices using their username and password. We recommend that children do this to gain extra practice and familiarity with the applications we’re using.


This year the children are going to be finding out about early Britain, and we’ll be continuing our work on the Stone Age by looking at the next historical period, The Iron Age. We will be learning about life, culture, technology and developments.


In Geography we are going to be focusing on 'Megacities!' The classes will be able to discover all about what a megacity is and how they can look different around the world. Additionally, we can compare and contrast the different megacities but understand the positives and negatives of being a megacity . This is something they will find interesting and we will use different research techniques to allow them to investigate further about this new terminology.

This term in art we are going to be studying Vincent van Gough and his unique brushwork style. One of his most popular works, The Sunflower, will be the focus of our final piece.


Both classes will have PE twice a week (indoor PE or outdoor games). It’s essential that your child always has their kit in school, and we recommend leaving it on the premises – only taking it home during the half-term breaks for cleaning. It’s also important that your child has the correct St. Luke’s kit: a plain white t-shirt, black shorts or knee-length leggings and pumps or trainers.

Literacy and Numeracy homework will be given out each Friday. Please make sure that it is completed and returned to school on the following Monday. In addition to this, children will have weekly spellings which must be learnt for a test the following week.

Please read at home daily with your child (for about 15-20 minutes each night) and sign their reading record.

All children have a Times Table Rockstars account, and should practice daily.


Because of the recent extra measures introduced to safeguard the children, we ask that every child has their own water bottle here in class. This avoids any potential sharing. 

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