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We hope that all our pupils have had a wonderful summer break and are as eager to get back to St. Luke’s and start the new year as we are. We’ve got a lot of exciting and interesting things planned for the coming weeks, and look forward to sharing them with our newest arrivals in Key Stage 2!


Let’s take a quick look at what we’re going to be covering. Remember that any extra research or practice that you can give your child at home on these subjects will give them an advantage when they come to look at them in class.

In literacy we’re going to be kicking off the year with looking at news recounts – their use and importance, key features, and how we can write our own. We’ll also be discovering stories from other cultures, learning how to identify their place of origin, and examining the features they share with other stories as well as those that make them unique.


In numeracy we’ll be starting with place value and arithmetic, focusing particularly on methods for addition and subtraction in the first few weeks. Arithmetic, word problems and general problem solving are extremely important elements of maths that we’ll return to throughout the year, but we want to make sure that everybody is given a good base understanding of them early on!


In the first Science unit the children will be learning about forces; the different things which can exert forces on objects or matter; the difference between pushes and pulls; different practical uses that forces are put to; and unseen forces such as those created by magnets.


The children’s first ICT unit will be on coding, where they’ll learn to write simple programs to make objects on a screen obey their commands. This will be done through the Purple Mash learning platform, which your child can access outside of school on most devices using their username and password. We recommend that children do this to gain extra practice and familiarity with the applications we’re using.


This year the children are going to be finding out about early Britain, and we’ll be starting by learning about life, technology and developments in the Stone Age, before moving through the Bronze and Iron Ages later in the year.


The first geography topic we’ll be approaching will be earthquakes. The classes will be able to discover the causes and effects of this terrifying phenomenon, and how scientific understanding, modern technology, effective preparations and emergency services often save many lives.


In art classes we’re going to start the year by learning about how to sketch both countryside and urban landscapes. We’ll be exploring different techniques and media, and looking at the ways in which different artists can approach landscape art.


Both classes will have PE three times a week (gymnastics, dance and outdoor games). It is important that your child always has their kit in school, and we recommend leaving it on the premises – only taking it home during the half-term breaks for cleaning. It is important that your child has the correct St. Luke’s kit: a plain, white t-shirt; black shorts or knee-length leggings; and pumps or trainers.

Literacy and Numeracy homework will be given out each Friday. Please make sure that it is completed and returned to school on the following Monday, as children who do not hand it in on time will be asked to redo it in detention. In addition to this, children will have weekly spellings which must be learnt for a test on the following Friday.

Please read at home daily with your child (for about 15-20 minutes each night) and sign their reading record. Children will need to know all of their times tables for a new times tables test that the Government will be introducing so please practise these at home.