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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1



We hope you had a wonderful and safe Summer break!

Welcome back to the School year 2022-2023 and first Autumn term. 

Let's have a fantastic year!

Your teachers this year are:

1D - Miss Doherty, Mrs Pritchard and Miss Booth

1KFF - Miss Kelso, Mrs Forcett-Foster and Mr Westwood

We will begin the Autumn Term focusing our learning on getting the children into a routine for learning by using continuous provision within our lessons for learning. Children will learn through play whilst questioning their learning through stimulating activities based upon our Literacy, Numeracy, Science and other topics throughout the week.


The Year 1 Curriculum is attached below with our Curriculum Maps to help you navigate through the Summer Term along with our Long Term Plan which will help you see what your children will be learning throughout the year.

Remember, at any point where you need any guidance from either Miss Doherty, Miss Kelso or Mrs Forcett-Foster please message via the online platform of Class Dojo or ring the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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This term, we’re going to be enjoying researching different under the sea creatures to understand 'Labels, Lists and Captions'  and other structured pieces of writing such as 'Character Descriptions and Narratives'. We will be using familiar texts to the children from some of our favourite children's authors to get the children to understand description best.


Additionally, we will introduce 'poetry'  through our Guided Reading sessions to help with inferencing and comprehension. This will be with a particular focus on the book 'A first poetry book' which will allow for a range of poems for all children to adapt to their reading ability to be challenged.

Our main focus will be Phonics which will begin the first week back, where children will be put into their identified and targeted groups. This is due to the Y1 Phonics Screening Test which is at the end of Y1. Children will have daily Phonics lessons with some booster sessions for those children who need it when required.


This year, one of our main priorities is reading. Our Class Reads take place at the end of the school day and will be from a variety of authors.



Websites to help children with their phonics: (phase 2 sounds) (phase 3 sounds) (tricky words phase 2) (tricky words phase 3)



 Year 1 will start the term by focusing on understanding place value with a particular focus on working up to grasping place value up to 2-digit numbers securely. These areas are, of course, essential to the pupils’ understanding of many other units of work. A key focus is going to be mathematical fluency in these skills. The class will have an allocated time of 20 minutes per day.


Children will have a weekly lesson targeting their reasoning skills. Reasoning in Numeracy is the "process of applying logical and critical thinking to a mathematical problem in order to work out the correct strategy to use (and as importantly, not to use) in reaching a solution".


Activities will be supported through he aid of concrete objects, pictorial and written form questions. This will be helpful for all learners and allow for all learners to access the curriculum and consolidate their learning.


Websites to help children with their number bonds and times tables: 

In our Science unit the children will be learning about Seasonal Changes. They will learn all about the different seasons and how this can affect the clothing that needs to be worn throughout the year. We will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate the different reasons seasons around the world can differ and how the current climate has been affected with the seasons. Work will be conducted in a hands on way with a range of experiments. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.


This term, the children will begin to use PurpleMash, they’ll learn how to be safe online using the computer programme. This will be done through the Purple Mash learning platform, which your child can access outside of school on most devices using their username and password. We recommend that children do this to gain extra practice and familiarity with the applications we’re using.



This year the children are going to be finding out about the Inventions, and we’ll be starting by learning about life, culture, technology and developments in the Roman times, before moving on to the development of Toys later in the year.


In Geography we are going to be focusing on 'Our local area!'  The classes will be able to discover all about what their local area used to be like and what is like now. Additionally, we can compare and contrast the different megacities but understand the positives and negatives of being a megacity . This is something they will find interesting and we will use different research techniques to allow them to investigate further about this new terminology.


In art we are going to be studying the art technique of sketching in more depth by focusing on 'Self-Portraits', focusing on how everybody is unique and has different features especially around their face. We will use a variety of products to add definition to the final pieces such as wax, charcoal, crayons and paint. One of the most popular works of , Behance, will be the focus of our final piece with lots of colour and texture added to create a beautiful self-portrait.


Both classes will have PE twice a week (gymnastics, dance or outdoor games). It’s essential that your child always has their kit in school, and we recommend leaving it on the premises – only taking it home during the half-term breaks for cleaning. It’s also important that your child has the correct St. Luke’s kit: a plain white t-shirt, black shorts or knee-length leggings and pumps or trainers


1KFF PE Timetable

Monday  - Outdoor Games

Friday - Gymnastics/Dance


1D PE Timetable

Monday - Outdoor Games

Friday - Gymnastics/Dance


Spellings will be sent home weekly on a Friday and will be tested on the following Friday with 10 spellings and also 5 phonics words to read each week. Homework for both Literacy and Numeracy will be sent out every  Thursday and must be completed for Monday. Children who do not complete their homework will stay in during Monday playtime and complete it then (hopefully this will not happen). All homework sent home is to consolidate learning from Numeracy or Literacy. 

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