St Luke's C.E. Primary School

St Luke's C.E. Primary School

'For with God nothing shall be impossible' Luke 1:37

Langport Avenue, Longsight, Manchester, M12 4NG

0161 273 3648


Welcome to Nursery

Our topic in HT4 is'Dinosaurs'

Nursery Lead/class teacher - Mrs Noor

Class Teacher- Mr Mitchell

Class T.A's - Miss Miley, Miss Long and Miss Halpin

Please remember to keep up to date with 'Evidence Me' for all our latest news. If you do not have access please speak to a member of staff. 


Please queue to the right of the nursery gate.  We still ask that parents do not enter the school grounds

Start 8.40

Finish 3.15pm 

On Fridays we finish at 1.15pm



Reading at school and home

These are the targets we are focusing on this term:

Understand the five key concepts about print:
• print has meaning
• print can have different purposes
• we read English text from left to right and from
top to bottom
• the names of the different parts of a book
• page sequencing

Engage in extended conversations about stories,
learning new vocabulary.

We are focusing on lots of traditional stories this half term. Particularly ones where there is a repeated phrase such as 'run, run as fast as you can....' encourage your child to join in these parts.

Please spend some time at home reading with your child, reading is extremely important in developing language and communication skills. Picture stories help encourage this so please spend 5 minutes reading daily. 


Books will be changed every Friday. 

There is no need for them to come to school everyday!


Writing/Mark making 

These are the targets we are focusing on this term:

  • write some letters accurately
  • write some or all of their name
  • Use one-handed tools and equipment, for example,
    making snips in paper with scissors.
  • Use a comfortable grip with good control when
    holding pens and pencils.
  • Show a preference for a dominant hand.


We provide lots of opportunities for children to 'mark make' using pencils, crayons, paint brushes, and fingers. We also provide the children with sand, rice, and glitter trays so they can practice making marks and using their fine motor skills to make meaningful pictures. 


We are also really working hard to start to write our own names and forming the letters a and b.





Number work

These are the targets we are focusing on this term:

  • Develop fast recognition of up to 3 objects, without
    Number workhaving to count them individually (‘subitising’).
  • Recite numbers past 5.
  • Say one number for each item in order: 1,2,3,4,5.
    Know that the last number reached when counting
    a small set of objects tells you how many there are
    in total (‘cardinal principle’).
  • Show ‘finger numbers’ up to 5.
  • Link numerals and amounts: for example, showing
    the right number of objects to match the numeral,
    up to 5.

We will be focusing on ordering numbers to 5 as well as counting out the right number of objects that go under each number. We will also be  subitising with numbers to 3 (can you get three biscuits, without counting them?  If so you can subitise!), counting out objects one by one, and knowing what number has been counted (cardinal principle) e.g 1, 2,3, 4 - this is number 4. 

At home you can help by going on a number walk.  Where can you find numbers? and which numbers can you find?




Our topics for the year

Term 1 -   Ourselves 

Term 2 -    Traditional Tales

Term 3 -    Under the Sea  

Term 4 -    Dinosaurs 

Term 5 -    Food and Drink

Term 6 -    Animals

Our Topic this half term is Dinosaurs'.  Click on the link above to find out more.

How can you help at home?

Click on these links to find some activities that you can help with

Read at home together, read anything that your child is interested in.

Go on a nature hunt to find leaves and twigs

Go on a number hunt


 Forest School


Mr Mitchell is qualified Forest School Practitioner.   We share special times around our campfire where we have stories, bake food, make forest art and use tools to make things.  We really need our wellies in school.  We try and go out whatever the weather.





Outdoor Learning

We will be spending lots of time outside. Please bring appropriate clothing. Bring a change of clothes in case your child gets mucky. 



We have a healthy eating policy in EYFS providing fruit and milk to the children every day. Encourage your child to drink water - it's good for you.  

Please ensure that packed lunches are healthy and nutritious. We have children with nut allergies, so avoid these in packed lunches




Birthdays and staying healthy


As a ‘Healthy School' and being aware of allergies , we do not celebrate children’s birthdays with sweets or cakes. Instead we ask parents to bring in a healthy snack such as cheese, crackers, fruit, bread sticks.  If you have any doubts, speak to a member of nursery staff.






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