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Welcome to Year 6! Happy New Year!

What's happening!

NEW Trips:

We are excited to announce our upcoming trip to the Manchester Royal Infirmary for our IMPS (Injury Minimization and Prevention Scheme) days, where we will learn some basic but potentially life-saving first-aid skills and will also get a tour around the hospital. 6G will be going on Friday 19th January and 6G on Tuesday 23rd January.


NEW Boosters:

Our after-school boosters will be starting every Monday and Wednesday from Monday 22nd January. We are very fortunate in St Luke's to have a number of extra staff able to dedicate themselves to supporting the Year 6's between now and SATs week in May, and our boosters are a key part of our provision. Last year we were the top primary school in Manchester for progress in both Reading and Writing and were incredibly proud of the children's efforts to get themselves there. Let's see if we can put just as much effort in this year!


NEW PE Timetable:

We have been offered the opportunity to be coached by some of the Dean Trust staff on a Thursday afternoon and have therefore altered our PE timetable accordingly. Children will now need their indoor kit in every Thursday, and their indoor kit (black shorts or leggings, white t shirt) every Tuesday. 

Spring Term 1 in Year 6


Weekly reminders


For both 6G AND 6H, you will need your PE kit in school every Tuesday and Thursday

Tuesday = Gymnastics (white t-shirt, black shorts/leggings)

Thursday = Outdoor games (now that it is colder, you may wear a tracksuit and trainers)

You must bring the correct PE kit into school. 


 Homework will be passed out by your teachers every Friday. It must be handed in by the following Tuesday. If you struggle with your homework, you can bring it in on Monday and we will gladly go through it with you to give you some pointers. 




With writing being one of your formally-assessed subjects at the end of Year 6, we have an extra-special focus on it this year, in order to help you to improve as thoroughly and rapidly as possible. This coming term, we will use Charles Dickens' masterpiece 'A Christmas Carol' to help us write persuasively. 


Power of imagery - Within this unit we will recap some of the examples of descriptive and figurative language that you will already know (simile, metaphor etc) before introducing you to some new ways to describe using vivid figures of speech: personification, hyperbole and idioms in particular. These new strategies will then be applied to a character description and a setting description - the setting description being an independent piece of writing that you will complete towards the end of this half term. 

Challenge - Can you find out what the three terms above (personification, hyperbole and idiom) mean? If you can, match them to the following sentences:

  • Hurry up; you've been in the shower forever!
  • The sun shone, the crickets buzzed and school was a whole six weeks away; I was on Cloud 9.
  • Rain continued to pour down in torrents as the clouds wept and commuters wrapped their coats tightly around themselves. Manchester's summer was, once again, turning out to be winter's not-too-distant cousin.

Multi-pathway stories - Within this unit we will look at a multipathway story called 'The Barrowquest'. It follows the protagonist, Lin, a short and slim boy who is teased by the other children but chosen by Magh, the village chief, to save the village from their surrounding enemies. To do this he has to face many challenges on his way to finding the old wizard, who had saved the village in the past.

In this unit we will re-write the first chapter of the story before exploring some of the different 'pathways' to follow and writing our own chapters with multiple options to follow at the end. As we do so, we'll apply the figurative language skills that we've picked up in the previous unit.

Click HERE to access the multiple-choice quest adventure 'Barrowquest'



Another subject that you'll be assessed on this year is Numeracy. For the first five weeks of this term we will be consolidating and stretching what you know about the four main operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Within this, we'll be working on improving your mental speed and accuracy. This should help us to build a solid foundation upon which we can introduce the new Year 6 objectives, of which there are many! 

To get yourself started, you could have a look at fractions at home - these come up A LOT in Year 6! We will be learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, both by whole numbers and by each other. The most important skill you have to master before this point is calculating equivalences. The fraction wall below will help you to visualize this:


As you look at the fraction wall above, you'll notice that two lots of 1/6 (so 2/6) is the same size as 1/3. This means that these fractions are equivalent (the same amount). Another easy way to consider this is to multiply or divide both the numerator and the denominator by the same number. This will give you an equivalent fraction. 


3/4 is equivalent to 9/12 (because 3x3=9 and 4x3=12).




Our Topic for this half term is China! Given that we have such a strong link with China and send some children there each year, we will be finding out all about what China is like and what it's famous for. 

To help your child with this topic, you could:

  • Take a visit to Chinatown (near Piccadilly train station) to see Manchester's Chinese arch (and to eat some Chinese food!)
  • Look together at some of China's most famous landmarks (some of which are pictured below)
  • Learn a few phrases in Mandarin, the main language spoken in China. 





Previous Trips:

Ice skating November 2017

We had a fantastic time ice skating in the city centre back in November 2017. Although some of the children (and staff!) took to it quicker than others, a great time was had by all. Here are some of our highlights:



Hathersage September 2017

A huge thanks to everyone for making our Hathersage trips so memorable. We had a great time exploring this Peak District village and comparing it with our local area in Longsight. We also had a fantastic day out at The Heights of Abraham, riding the cable cars, exploring the caverns and playing in the woodland play park!









We were very proud of the way that so many Year 6's took initiative for fund-raising in response to both cuts to the school budget and crises around the world last year. Some of the fundraising that Year 6's undertook includes:

  • Tuck shop
  • Loom band station 
  • Tricky trail - keep your balance to win a prize!

The money made was split between the school fund pot and charities supporting Syrian refugees. We are confident that this year's Year 6 cohort will also show fantastic citizenship!